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Who We Are

Decision Ministries began in 1990 with the inception of Camp Decision.  In 2001 we took Camp Decision internationally and have been growing ever since!  We stay busy throughout the year facilitating mission trips for youth ministries and churches, preparing and planning Camp Decision in the USA (and internationally) and traveling throughout the world ministering in local churches (and youth ministries) on the importance of investing into young people.  Decision Ministries is based in Port Orange, FL and is an outreach of our home church, Family Worship Center. 

Plan and Purpose

The purpose of Decision Ministries is to assist, not replace the local church in reaching and ministering to youth. Through various activities, Decision Ministries will provide an atmosphere where the Spirit of God can minister to and meet the needs of young people, as well as positioning and equipping them to go out and reach the harvest.

Decision Ministries in the United States

  1. Camp Decision: Since its beginning in 1990, this week-long youth camp has had more than 17,400 in attendance. Its purpose is to provide an atmosphere where youth can make a decision to live for Jesus Christ with an emphasis on the move of the Spirit and the miraculous.

  2. Ministry in Churches: Ray Dubois and the Decision Ministries staff travel to various churches throughout the year ministering on youth related issues and the importance of youth ministry in the local church. This ministry is available for services, retreats, rallies, crusades and any other youth related activity.

Decision Ministries International

The work of Decision Ministries is not event driven; rather our desire is to start a movement among the young people of a nation. We come along side a local church in a nation that is prepared to work hard and learn how to reach their youth. The following three types of ministry are designed to work together in whatever order necessary for a particular nation. There is no definite order of occurrence; plans are designed on a country-by-country basis. However, at least two of these should occur within the first year of work in a country, and camps will not continue without there also being a Leadership Conference in that nation within the year.

1. Camp Decision: The purpose internationally is the same as in the U.S.A.; to provide an atmosphere where youth can make a “decision” to live for Jesus Christ with an emphasis on the move of the Spirit and the miraculous. Internationally the plan is to assist a local church and train the nationals in doing camps.

The first year Decision Ministries provides 90% of the work and expect the local church to provide 10%, the second year the exchange should be 50/50, by the third year Decision Ministries should only have to provide 10% while the local church provides 90%. By the fourth year the church should be planting another camp in their nation or another nation.

2. Leadership Conferences: Designed to compliment the work in the camps. The purpose is to continue to train national workers in Youth Leadership and discipleship. By creating strong workers we ensure that the plan and purpose of reaching the youth of a nation will continue after our work is complete.

3. Crusades and Outreaches: Designed to compliment the training received in a Leadership Conference and work with the local church to increase their spiritual influence in their area. These outreaches offer a chance for leaders to test and try skills learned in training as well as offer more training on how to reach a broader audience.

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